Local Online News: Still Up for Grabs

The online news space is getting crowded. Maybe it’s time to start throwing some elbows? Digital marketing dollars of most small business, are still up for grabs. When you take these tiny but high volumes of mom & pop budgets, and combine them with the ‘asleep at the wheel’ efforts of traditional media, you can see why Reach Local, Google, Yellow Pages 360 and a slew of indie efforts are doubling down and are going for the kill. When it comes to big media's foray into this space, it's … [Read more...]

Old School Media Execs: Digital Drag

Last week, traditional media execs got another digital wake call with the demotion of a well respected newspaper editor in Philadelphia. Bill Marimow was re-assigned as an investigative reporter. Philadelphia Media Network CEO; Greg Osberg, publicly stated that Marimow, though a Pulitzer Prize-winner, ‘did not have the background in digital media necessary to lead the paper going forward.’ This announcement was a biggie. If you listen very close, you can almost hear the sound of old school … [Read more...]

Digital Diagnostic for Radio Websites

Can Radio beat Newspaper in the online news space? Here's part 1 of last week's webinar we did for a group of Radio executives. Merlin Media and Genesis Communications are featured in this session. We focus on the issues affecting Radio's ability to build sustainable, online business models. … [Read more...]

Newspaper’s Digital Competition

How Newspaper Can Beat Digital Competition. UPDATED for Oct 2011. Slide deck from this week's webinar. Some competitors are familiar, others are not. Featured topics: Centro: Friend or Foe? Philly.com gets crushed on Mainline by indie website; AroundMainline.com Huffington Post and their aggregation model to trump Patch model? Patch President; Warren Webster, qualified to talk revenue? CPM selling is killing Newspaper websites. DataSphere helping TV get into hyper-local … [Read more...]

Inland Press; Patch & Hyper Local

On March 18, Inland Press responded once again to the newspaper industry's interest in hyper local competition and the growth of Patch. They invited me to do an encore of the session that was originally presented in St. Petersburg, Florida a few weeks ago, at the Key Executives conference. See presentation below. Attendees heard our message loud and clear. Run your website like your newspaper....profit must come first. Key take-aways that seemed to resonate the most: Whoever acts as … [Read more...]

Remnant Ad Nets; Auto Pilot for Sales

Remnant ad networks can be a deadly revenue stream for local media. It's understandable that broadcast, newspaper and hyper-local websites love these money makers for their ability to put local sales efforts on auto-pilot. Unfortunately, 3rd party selling can turn your valuable ad inventory into a commodity that's priced and traded in bulk with little regard for your site's ad environment, readership, engagement and other qualitative features. ESPN, Turner, NBC have already reduced … [Read more...]

Patch Not-So-Secret Plan

We often hear hyper-local journalists and newspaper publishers scoff at the Mc-cookie cutter and corporate approach of Patch. Too much aggregation, editorial missteps and the lack of advertiser support.....all early critiques that provide some level of comfort for those that hope Patch will fail, and fail fast. Patch does share a few traits of other struggling or dead local initiatives that adopted a 'build it and they will come' strategy. In these plans, editorial & tech execs … [Read more...]