How to Price & Position your Hyperlocal Online Inventory.

Students of our online training courses & traveling workshops already know secret about pricing online inventory. Well, it's not really a secret. It's a public fact that many in traditional media would prefer to ignore. Smart TV, Radio & Newspaper execs already know that you should treat your digital sales inventory the SAME EXACT way you treat your traditional inventory. We've sat through one too many conference where the VP of Digital for some failing Newspaper was discussing the … [Read more...]

Local TV & Web. The Enemy Within.

Local TV & Web sales strategy. An oxymoron. Oil and water. Can't mix. Internet sales at the hyper local level is serious business. One caveat though. That's true only if you're an owner or financial stakeholder in the media property. Let's take a quick look at a video produced by the TVB....then we'll enjoy the digital denial that is Local TV & Web. WATCH VIDEO. … [Read more...]

Case Study: Custom Radio & WordPress Sales Program

Radio stations (and TV/Newspaper) suffer from websites controlled by non-sales execs. That's the #1 reason why most digital sales efforts of broadcasters.... really stink. Click thru to WATCH VIDEO... Think about it. A radio or TV station is run by a profit focused, general manager....not a program director. A newspaper is run by a business minded publisher...not the editor. But in the web world, local media allows a non-sales focused exec to create and execute their digital business plan. … [Read more...]

CMS; Content Management System Makeover

What did it cost to build your hyper local website: That's the question I was asked from a buddy in the local news business. He needed a CMS, or content management system make-over. I replied: 'about $750 in software and services to get it up and running. The monthly expense runs about $200'. That’s less than half of what a typical Broadcast or Newspaper operation pays to outside vendors & CMS companies. My buddy was floored upon hearing that. He has a deep and … [Read more...]

Helping Realtors with Digital Marketing

Real Estate agents will need more digital skills if they want to survive over the next 10 years. Slapping a listing in the MLS and the local Newspaper  just doesn't work so well anymore. Why not help the local Realtor with this challenge? Home sellers want to know their Realtor is up on digital marketing. The National Association of Realtors say that 90% of home buyers are using the web in their search. Only 2% said that Newspaper was important in the search. Realtors need knowledge of … [Read more...]

Newspaper Classifieds Clobbered By Craigslist

New Research Looks at Craigslist’s Damaging Blow to Local Newspapers PRESS RELEASE:  NYU Stern Professor Robert Seamans draws lessons for media industry on how to handle future shocks In a new study, Robert Seamans, assistant professor of management and organizations at the NYU Stern School of Business, and Feng Zhu at Harvard Business School, examine the impact of Craigslist, a website providing classified-advertising services, on local US newspapers during the 2000s. They estimate that … [Read more...]